Eye spy a vision board…

These most certainly are unprecedented times. I think we are all feeling this isolation period as a real challenge and having to reflect on how we feel can be a tricky time. We don’t know when this will end and that brings a lot of uncertainty. But what we can do is plan and envision what we would like our futures too look like.

I have been busy in this quiet time creating a vision board with images of goals, people I would like to meet, places I would like to go, connecting with a life that I envision myself living. 

So, you may be asking, where do I start with a vision board? Firstly, you will need pinboards and some pins (You can source these from most craft & stationery stores or online retailers such as Amazon. You will also need access to computer/laptop, a printer and/or magazines to print and cut pictures out. Once you have these you are away.

So, what sort of things should you include in your vision board? Here is a picture of mine and a breakdown of how I decided what to put on it (see below).

How I decided what to put on my vision board (in categories that might help you):

  1. Travel: I thought of where in the world is calling to me to travel to and explore – I have always wanted to go to Los Angeles and New Zealand.
  2. Career and Business: I want to grow my blog/social media platforms to help more individuals reach their full potential. I would also love to get a book published and present on a TED talk. 
  3. Lifestyle: Where I envision myself living, for me this is by the beach in a nice house with a lot of light and happiness and the cute golden Labrador dog. With a section of aspects that I would like ‘more’ on in my life.
  4. Nature: The runners represent me and my partner together keeping fit and active on the beach. With the country park photo envisioning me connecting with the forest. I find being in nature grounds and calms me.
  5. Money: I have put a £10 note on the vision board to show my gratitude for all the money I will receive and have already received – this is subject to personal preference on the note though.
  6. Motivation: Having affirmations and quotes to reinforce my own belief in myself, ‘I got this’. I also have a list of all the key qualities that my friends love about me on my board to help boost my self-confidence (perhaps ask your friends if they could tell you one or two things they love about you and you can make something similar for the board).
  7. Pivotal people: Having key inspirational figures on your vision board will help remind you of the qualities you admire in these people. Mine all are people that I follow and are great teachers on my coaching and spiritual journey, but they can be figures that bring you joy and motivate you for success in all aspects of your life.
  8. Fitness:  Health is important to me and I like to set myself challenges, at some point I envision myself running the Oxford half marathon and the London marathon. What health and fitness challenges can you work towards that will be on your board? I also would love to train to become a yoga instructor and run retreats which is another goal of mine on the board. Is there something you would like to do health wise to improve your life- add it on!
  9. Additional images: It is good to have images on there of yourself where you feel good to help you remember to value and love yourself. I also have pictures that link to the artwork that I like and romance images to attract the perfect romantic partner – these images are unique and tailored to where you are specifically where you are at this time, make sure this board if for you and your dreams and goals though – not someone else’s.
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

So my question to you is…What are you passionate about? How do you see your life turning out? Don’t limit yourself, put exactly on the board what you want. You don’t need to know now how you are going to achieve it, just tap into your body feel the emotions of excitement, happiness and joy of the visions of the life you have created, this will set the ball in motion for real changes to start happening in your life.

Put it somewhere you can see it daily and make sure you spend a few minutes each day looking at each aspect on the board. The key it to consistently believe it and make actions towards these goals. How does it feel to achieve that goal, meet that person that makes your heart sing, have a successful career/business and become a healthier version of yourself.

I would love to see pictures of what you have created on your vision board! Feel free to email me (bestlifewithbecca@outlook.com) if you need some help with this or direct message me on social media – Bestlifewithbecca.

Let’s create your best life. 🙂


Becca x

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back – Arthur Rubinstein

Published by bestlifewithbecca

I have both a professional and personal interest in positive psychology. I have obtained a Masters in Psychology as well as certified coaching and mentoring qualifications from the Open University. I also have a passion for holisitc healing and have my level 1 Reiki healing. I am a great lover of travel, sports and finding happiness & positivity throughout all aspects of life. My goal that my blog/vlogs will help support, guide and focus you to having the BEST LIFE possible! Love and light xo

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