Running in winter, you don’t need to be a quitter…

This weeks blog post will be looking at running during the winter time. During the height of the lockdown this year a lot of people have become more inclined to get out running and it has been enjoyable for most with the lovely weather we have had in the UK. As of the past couple of weeks it has started to get significantly colder – I don’t know about you but I have had to turn the heating up a lot more and getting my cosy jumpers and blankets out.

Running during the winter can seem to be so much more challenging. It is dark, cold and wet. YIKES! Last year I was training for my half marathon through these conditions and I learnt  a few things along the way which I want to share with you all to make you feel better about during these winter months that are coming up.

  1. Running shoes– get yourself a decent pair of running shoes, maybe even a spare pair to sure that you can swap between as they usually get wet and muddy from the previous day before.
  2. Running clothesmake sure you have the right clothing for the winter weather, now inevitably you are going to get hot but it is always a good idea to have some gloves, a headband/hat and a rain jacket prepared for your runs – you can always take off layers!
  3. Reflective gear Where I live is in an urban area but that still won’t stop me from wearing reflective clothing or attachable items- I have a reflective running vest that I put over my top and a flashing light in my running hat so I am visible.
  4. Running buddy I think running with someone is so much easier than running on my own personally. If you can find yourself a running partner then you can help to motivate each other and schedule times in the week to train together. If you don’t have a running buddy not to worry – there are plenty of apps to download e.g. Strava where you can virtually connect with others and keep track of your progress.
  5. Fuel Make sure you have sufficient fluids and food before and after your run – winter months can make you not want to drink as much water but I really encourage you do – especially before a longer run.
  6. Warm up and cool down your muscles are going to be even more exposed in winter months and get tighter more quickly so it is really important you do a good warm up and cool down to prevent you from injury.
  7. Enjoy it Running in the winter does not have to be as scary as you think, following these top tips and being vigilant will help you feel better about the run. Maybe try and set up mini competitions or virtual running social events for the runs to give you that extra boost.

You can do it! I know you can. You need to get the gear on and get out the door and try not to think about it in a negative way, yes the winter months are not as nice to run in for the majority of us but once you get out there you will feel so much better for it.

I hope this helps. Please comment below on what your favourite top tip is 😊 or if you have anymore!


Becca x

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I have both a professional and personal interest in positive psychology. I have obtained a Masters in Psychology as well as certified coaching and mentoring qualifications from the Open University. I also have a passion for holisitc healing and have my level 1 Reiki healing. I am a great lover of travel, sports and finding happiness & positivity throughout all aspects of life. My goal that my blog/vlogs will help support, guide and focus you to having the BEST LIFE possible! Love and light xo

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