Clocks going back, how can we keep on track…?

Hi everyone and happy Halloween,

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This week I want to focus on what has recently just happened with the clocks going back here in the UK. This has brought a sudden drop in temperature (wet & cold) with darker nights and mornings setting in that motion of winter being here. I have recently written a blog post about running in winter (if you haven’t seen already check it out – that might be helpful for fitness.

This this week I want to dive into our wellbeing and self-care without the sports. I don’t know about you but when the clocks went back, I started to feel tired earlier and became more unmotivated? How can we tackle this and keep on track…?

Initially, my first reaction was – I am going to crawl into bed and hibernate for winter, wake me up when summer is back. But, well, that isn’t practical, is it? So inside I have decided to take a few steps to keep my mind, body and soul feel energised and ready to tackle these “tough” winter months that are coming up.

Step 1 – Embrace the change – change is hard for a lot of people can bring a sense of unease – try to accept the seasonal change.

Step 2 – Listen to your intuition – your body, mind and soul are all connected and know exactly what is right for you. Perhaps being less inclined to scroll on social media for hours can we use our time more productive and allow ourselves to connect with our higher selves without technology distracting us or making us second guess our decisions – Can we bake, try a new recipe, read a book or draw/paint?

Step 3 – Move your body, move your mind – on darker winter months we may feel less inclined to leave the house, but getting that fresh and movement will give you that new sense of clarity, direction and focus for the tasks at hand.

Step 4 – Self-care – please do ensure that you look after yourself – treat yourself to a hot chocolate, get a face mask, scrub your body, have a hot soak in a bubble/salt bath, light a candle, do the things that make you feel relaxed.

Step 5 – Know that this isn’t forever, it is a process, a season and a moment in time – I completely understand that winter can be difficult but can we be frivolous, can we still enjoy our time in this season and have fun. Put some fun music on, dance around and be silly, invest in great cosy clothes and blankets. Try to create a space that you enjoy being in and embrace crisp nights knowing you have love and warmth around you. This might also be a great time to reflect and make that photo album you have been saying you’ll do for months! Now is the time to get everything in alignment ready for the new year and new energy.

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By taking on board all of these steps (which don’t have to be done in order by the way) you will feel energised, more motivated, more relaxed and uplifted. It takes some conscious effort, yes, but once you start making these things a habit you won’t think twice. You got this. I know you do.

I hope this helps and please do share with friends and family. We need to look after each other in these tricker times.

If you have any questions, please drop me a message or comment below 🙂


Becca x

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