Astrology and holistic healing – a new you undiscovered?

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post star guest is Bex. Bex and I have connected on Instagram through our similar goals and passion for spiritual, holistic healing. She has a lovely social media platform that helps engage and inspire people through her love of astrology and manifesting abundance. Such an inspiration! 😊

We are here to talk about Bex’s journey of how she got into astrology and holistic healing. She offers a cool insight into zodiac signs and is here to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you deepened awakening on how this can help you in day to day life, along with Bex’s top tips!

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So, Bex, what was it that kickstarted your astrology and holistic journey?

I’ve always been incredibly interested in holistic healing + spiritual practices as I was brought up surrounded by these teaching! My dad has been a huge influence for me – he’s a life coach, a yoga teacher, an NLP practitioner, hypnotist, runs spiritual retreats + knows all about reiki, crystal healing, Eastern Philosophy… you name it! I was reading runes + Angel cards while other kids in the class were reading Smash Hits magazine. We used to go to Glastonbury village together where I’d investigate the magic shops and choose crystals to take home and learn about.

I also spent a lot of time in hospital in the formative years between 8 and 14, and my dad stayed there with me + taught me so much about positive attitude, meditation and healing the body through holistic practices as well as Western medicine. I had a strong grasp of ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’ before they became buzzwords, so I’m so grateful to him for that. Astrology was a natural progression since I use it to align myself with Universal energies + plug into high frequencies to become my best self. Having a platform to share my knowledge with the world has been a goal of mine for a long time. 

What does holistic healing mean to you?

For me, holistic healing means not looking to an external source to improve your life, but rather looking within. The mantra ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ is so relevant in all aspects of life. Whether healing the mind, body or soul, it all begins with where we focus our attention, We create the boundaries of our lives with the stories we tell ourselves – so the narrative we weave must be a supportive one. 

Are you able to highlight to us how astrology has impacted your lifestyle at all?

Astrology has impacted my life in a wonderful, positive way because I see it as the very best kind of personal development. When we know the position of the Moon, Sun + planets then we have a chance to move with their rhythm, shed old layers + evaluate fresh aspects of our character, spirit + existence. It’s undeniably powerful stuff.

Astrology teaches us that each Zodiac Season brings with it very specific energy. When the Sun + Moon moves through each sign we have the incredible opportunity to use the fresh energies to our advantage – no matter what our personal star sign. I call them Energetic Harmonies – you can check out my IGTV about it here (LINK: )

When the planets are in certain signs then we can feel an increase in creativity, introspection, sociability etc. Each sign offers the chance of beautiful expansion of our being. Aligning with astrology enables me to be super specific with the energies I harness!

Can you explain how you use astrology in day to day life?

I literally now plan my week depending on where the Sun + Moon are going to be! I know when I’ll have energy when I’ll be feeling more admin-focused/creative when I need to treat myself with ultimate self-love. I look at the planet movements then allocate tasks for each day. It’s incredible for goal setting.

I refer to it as Celestial Navigation. In my weekly newsletter for the Moon Child Sorority, I break down every day, advising about the high + low vibrations to watch out for + work with to further evolve as a beautiful spiritual soul. I’m also big on female empowerment, so I’ll give ‘assignments’ to help raise other women up. I’ve had so much incredible feedback from my Sorority Sisters who say it’s improving their daily lives. 

I also hold Full Moon + New Moon rituals, during both of which I set intentions, release limiting ‘blocks’ and work on abundance and manifestation. I genuinely can’t imagine going about my life without these incredible prompts. I feel like I’m constantly evolving to become the best version of myself. 

What are your thoughts on crystal healing, for example – how do you use them if I am a beginner?

I’m all for crystal healing! We’re made of energy, and when our seven chakras are vibrating at their ideal frequency then we’re in harmony. Crystals are like tuning forks – certain crystals can unblock their corresponding chakras and allow flow and alignment in mind, body and soul.

If you can go to your local crystal shop then head there and see what crystal you’re attracted to. Your body and spirit will react to what it needs. Here’s a super-quick guide to my ‘base crystals’.

Red jasper – for Root Chakra – stability, nurture, bravery

Tiger’s Eye – for Sacral Chakra – protection, luck, confidence

Citrine – for Solar Plexus Chakra – abundance, joy, optimism 

Rose Quartz – for Heart Chakra – self-love, forgiveness, romance

Lapis Lazuli – for Throat Chakra – speaking your truth, awareness

Amethyst – for Third Eye Chakra – calmness, overcoming addiction, intuition

Clear Quartz – for Crown Chakra/all chakra alignment – focus, cleansing all chakras, super-charging al other stones, removing negativity from your aura

This post explains more (link: ) 

What do you feel is the best advice for people who have never followed astrology before?

Sign up to the Moon Child Sorority newsletter! You can do so here (link: ). Every Sunday I send out a guide to the week, telling you where the Sun + Moon will be, what energy is in the air, and how to best use it in your daily life!

When you start to get more curious about it + discover how your own emotions change as the Moon waxes + wanes, then it’s really fun to have your birth chart read. This is essentially your ‘cosmic blueprint’ of where the planets were positioned at your time of birth, and give a fascinating insight into your personality and destiny. Your star sign is just the beginning – there’s also your Moon sign, your rising sign, your North node, South node… not to mention where the planets were positioned and also your houses! It. Becomes highly addictive! If you’re curious just pop me an email on

What would be your 3 top tips to help with a holistic healing journey?

1. First of all, really work with the concept that we’re pure energy. We attract what we give out to the Universe. We have the power to raise our own vibrations. Once you understand and respect that, the adventure begins!

2. Journaling is a wonderful tool for self-development and holistic healing. Through writing down our thoughts, our emotions and our blocks, we are able to see where we’re restricting our own healing. I recommend starting each day by simply writing the statement ‘I feel’ in your journal, then let yourself just write, free of self-judgement or attempts to analyse what comes up. Don’t look for the why, just the what. Then write five things in life you’re grateful for. It can be a huge thing like ‘freedom’ or ‘my family’ or something as simple as ‘a warm chocolate croissant for breakfast!’ or ‘a clear inbox’! 

3. Trust your intuition. If you feel the Universe is trying to tell you something or point you in a direct, go with it. The more we use our intuition, the stronger it becomes. Trust your path, go with the flow, and believe the Universe has your back at all times!

Wow Bex, I really enjoyed that! Thank you so much for your fabulous insights into crystals and astrology. I love your top tips, journalling is definitely a great tool that I also use. I also love trusting our intuition – trust your gut! Defo going to be using this matra mo – ‘where attention goes, energy flows.’

I hope you can take away some really great learning from this.

Take care,

Becca x


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Thanks so much for the interview Becca, I loved it! And thanks for being a Moon Child Sorority sister. Any readers who’d like to sign up for weekly horoscopes, crystal cocktails, moon movements, female empowerment and manifestation mantras then please join the newsletter here:

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