Being candid, don’t be commanded…

This weekly blog post is on speaking candidly. Most of us don’t like always being up front and honest when we think it might hurt the other person or it puts us in a difficult situation.

The truth can hurt right? and as humans we don’t always want to heat that. But can it always be avoided…? No. The truth will always come to light, it’s just whether you have been able to be upfront and honest with someone else or yourself about the situation.

Research has shown that 97% of people admit to outright lying. They admitted to withholding or concealing information. We’ve all done it.

So what can we do. Tell the truth! What you say is what you mean. No lies, no fluffing up the situation just being candid and open with everything you need to say. If you’re honest with yourself and others this will reflect in the way you act and you will be able to express how you feel- even the not so good feelings I.e anger, scared, sad. You can speak your thoughts and be upfront with your internal feelings in an assertive way (not aggressive or passive).

Reveal, don’t conceal.

You can do it!


Becca x

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