Numerology, Tarot and Cosmic Guidance, will you give it a chance…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post star guest is Layla. We connected on Instagram through a beautiful workshop event “a night with the full moon” where she inspired me with her love for numerology, tarot and giving cosmic guidance. She has a lovely social media platform and business that helps you discover your superpowers –amazing!

Layla offers to help you to find your path of happiness and find out more on how others see you and align with the cosmic forces. I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into finding your cosmic flow.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So Layla what was it that initially got your into numerology and tarot? And can you tell us what they mean for us newbies?

I have always been into the magical/mystical and spiritual side of life. When I was a teenager I started to get into metaphysics and picked up a numerology book on amazon. But it wasn’t until years later when I got my own numerology reading and changed my name according to it, that I really started to dive deep into the subject.
Numerology is a study of the meaning of numbers. Numbers are all around us, they are the language of the universe; numbers are energy. Where maths deals with the quantity of things, numerology deals with their quality and meaning behind them.
Tarot is a pictorial book of life, containing and holding the keys to wisdom. It can be used as a tool for divination but also self realisation.

Have these methods helped you in your life? – if so how?

Yes, tremendously. They have helped me transform myself and my life in a very profound way. I use both tools regularly to figure out any blind spots I may have and also what my focus should be on.

What made you decide to help others with this and run an online business?

The fact that it impacted my life so much had made me realise that more people should have access to it. I feel like it’s my duty to help people find their uniqueness. I want to make sure that I am here for those, who are really willing to put in the necessary self work to really live their best lives.

What challenges you the most with exploring how others feel about you?

I don’t actively explore how others feel about me, but nevertheless, reputation is still important. Dealing with spiritual matters can be tricky because people can only learn what they are ready for. Anything more will either set off alarm bells or will completely go over their heads.  People see the world through a glass tinted by their own beliefs, and sometimes what you say gets misinterpreted. So I guess it’s about trying to feel out where someone is at, and help them gently.

What would be some of your tips with getting started with tarot and numerology?

Buy books, study and learn. It’s a never ending process. But I think I would actually start with using those things to know yourself. When you know yourself well, your inner voice will guide to what and where you’re meant to be.

How can we know that we are on the right track with– are there any tell tell signs?

I think that in general, things start to happen. We feel more engaged in life. We have more strength and resilience. It’s not that bad things don’t happen but when they do we can deal with them a lot easier. Overall life gets better instead of worse. But I think the most important sign is more self awareness. The awareness of yourself and connection to the Devine gets stronger.

How do we know what our life purpose is and discover our superpowers?

Our life purpose will be revealed to us as a result of persistent inner and outer work. Learning about the dark and light side of ourselves, following our interests, controlling our negatives etc. Numerology and tarot can certainly help guide us towards it.

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips for optimal cosmic flow in our lives?

Study yourself, control your dark side & emphasise the good side!

Thank you so much Layla. What an inspiration and I love the part about our life purpose will be revealed by doing the inner and outer work! It’s fascinating. I will definitely be investing in some good tarot and numerology books to learn more about this fascinating subject 😇


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