Fitness and wellbeing can be your vision, lets help you with this decision…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog star guest is Charlotte. We connected on Instagram nearly a year ago where she inspired me with her love for fitness, realism and honesty. She has a lovely social media platform and business that helps you discover your potential through fitness and mindset as a coach.

Charlotte offers to help you to find your path of wellness and to replicate 1-1 personal training without the expense – win win! I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into training and finally being able to reach your life/body goals.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So Charlotte what was it that initially got you into fitness and wellbeing?

Sports came natural to me at a young age and I enjoyed it so it became a large part of my life. I first became a Football Coach, I loved seeing the kids progressing and being a part of their achievements . Alongside with my love for training I chose to make my it job.

Have these methods have helped you in your life? – if so how?

Enjoying exercise/training makes it easier to be a part of my lifestyle. If a person had a bad experience growing up with PE at school for example I totally understand someone may be hesitant to try exercise/sports as am adult. Its important to to try and detach our from our experiences when we were young sometimes and remember our beliefs back then towards something don’t need to be a part of our identity now. Training is a massive part for my mental and physical health. It’s very much an outlet.

What made you decide to help others with this and run an online business?

I’ve had my own battles with my mental and physical health in the past. Getting through it has helped spur my passion in helping others and/or preventing them from going through what I have. Unfortunately, Personal Training is still considered a luxury. My online platform is there to dismantle this. At a very affordable price you can have a personalised plan written for you by a trainer. The importance of following a plan that is only there to emphasise your strengths and build on what you want to is necessary to not only reach goals but also build confidence in yourself.

Do you find the fitness industry challenging, if so what 1 thing would you change?

It’s challenging in the sense, lets take this Pandemic for example. I have been so grateful to my client base for keeping me by their side throughout. However being a PT, the mental exhaustion that comes with it can be tough. Lacking on motivation yourself during a lockdown but to find it for others is challenging at times. In reference to social media, I think we’re all well aware of the nonsense that is out there too when it comes to health and fitness so working against that is frustrating at times. Especially since it’s so unregulated when it comes and who is promoting what.

What would be some of your tips with getting started in fitness and nutrition?

Take the wins as they come. It’s important to know your WHY. Why are you starting, why do you want to change something etc. Keeping this in the back of your mind each day is necessary. But more importantly, acknowledging your wins throughout the course of it. Daily. What did you do different to yesterday? Set-backswill always happen, that’s life. But reminding yourself it doesn’t mean you’re starting over again when this happens. You have already laid down a few bricks to build on top of. 

How can we know that we are on the right track with it– are there any tell tell signs?

Keep a diary. Write down how you feel during the day and remember to look back on it.  Focus on your journey when it comes to fitness and nutrition, don’t get caught up seeing where someone else is at. 

How can we combat social media pressures with fitness and body shapes?

Don’t follow anyone promoting their highlight reel. Most of these profiles are public anyway so if you do want to have a nose, you’ll be choosing to, rather than it being put in-front of you. Anyone that uses the word ‘quick’ unfollow. This is your life. Were learning how to live a life that were happy with, not a life that restricts pleasures. Im interested in how I feel daily and recognising my wins, not someone else’s. 

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips for a balanced life?

1. On your good days be good, On your bad days, be kind to yourself, give yourself room to take pleasure in comforts.

2. One bad day doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off the wagon. This isn’t a quick fix remember, the ratio of good:bad days will reign over when you’re looking back on your life.

3. Finding your enjoyment in it.

Thank you so much Charlotte! I loved that so much and found it super inspiring! I love your realism and ability to say things how they are. My favourite part was “take the wins as they come” this is so important at right now with everything that’s going on. We must take every positive moment and celebrate it.

Want to know more about Charlotte?

I go into more depth on all of this on my Instagram @charlottevcrisp. If you’d like to work together please reach out. My website is

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