You are the resolution, as well as the solution…

Do you feel like you are on the cusp of change but not sure what or how this will work? 🤔 do you feel like your purpose in this world is more than what you’re currently doing? You might be asking yourself why can everyone else do it but me? Here is where I come in to help you with this. Together I am going to coach you through 3 top tips for being the resolution to your world. 😎

Number 1 – willingness to change. A lot of people talk the talk of wanting to change. “I want to lose weight” or “I want a new partner” etc, but when it comes down to it they won’t put the effort in. Why? Because change is hard and it’s a change in our status quo, which most of us humans are programmed against. We like things the way they are. Unfortunately if you want to grow you must leave this comfort zone and test your limits. If you want to get fitter you need to run that extra mile, lift that weight another rep or create and environment for better lifestyle choices. This dedication will create mood boosting results from the endorphins that flood your body and yes you will feel good!!

Number 2 – failure is not a setback, but a leap forward. Many of us see failure as a problem, when really that can push us and motivate us to succeed more. Yes in the moment it can be upsetting or frustrating but remember that emotion as are like energy bubbles and the more we fill our bubble with more negative emotions that bigger than bubble will grow. We need to pop that bubble. Stand up and create the next bubble of optimism and hard work. It’s not an easy path but one that will give you life satisfaction and happiness.

Number 3 – thinking consciously. Don’t be the person that walks past the rubbish on the floor and think that someone else will sort it. No. You need to actively be the person you are trying to create and if that means doing your bit or society no matter how big or small I would strongly encourage you do. It is easy to watch the world go by and complain that change isn’t happening. Maybe you are that person who needs to spark this?

You must take on the resolution and your whole bring just say yes to all of these top tips. Not worrying about the lack of what you don’t have but the new opportunities that you will.

Now the final question is. Are you ready to commit to change? Don’t say you’ll try. Say you WILL. Saying you’ll try is saying you’re not really going to give it 100%. So I’ll ask again – are you ready to commit to change?

I believe in you.

I hope this helps! I would love to know how you are creating your best lives 🥳 do comment below and share with your friends. Together we can create positive change. Together we are stronger.


Becca x

Published by bestlifewithbecca

I have both a professional and personal interest in positive psychology. I have obtained a Masters in Psychology as well as certified coaching and mentoring qualifications from the Open University. I also have a passion for holisitc healing and have my level 1 Reiki healing. I am a great lover of travel, sports and finding happiness & positivity throughout all aspects of life. My goal that my blog/vlogs will help support, guide and focus you to having the BEST LIFE possible! Love and light xo

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