CV writing and careers can be daunting, don’t worry the experience won’t be haunting…

This month’s blog post star guest is Jen. Jen and I connected whilst working together on a project two years ago in my old job. She has a great work ethic and is really down to earth, with a positive coaching style. She helped me learn and grow whilst working together, amongst all the giggles.

In her business, Career Seed, Jen offers range of services to support you with your career including CV revamps, cover letters and business reports, with her platform giving regular tips and advice! I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into how to create a stand out CV.

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Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go… 

So Jen, what got you into setting up your social media site and business Career Seed? 

I’ve always thought that one day I’d like to run my own business and ultimately work for myself, and earlier this year the time felt right so I took the plunge to transform my passion for helping friends and family with their CVs, job applications etc. into my new company, Career Seed.  As with most businesses these days, having a social media presence was a no-brainer for me; you’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

How easy is it for someone who hasn’t got much work experience to have a great CV? 

With the right support and guidance, it is possible to create a great CV.  Each individual situation is different, so I like to have an introductory call with my clients to draw out the skills and experience that they do have.  It’s not really about the amount of work experience you have, or the number of organisations you’ve worked for; the art of writing a successful CV is being able to clearly and concisely demonstrate that you have skills to bring to prospective roles.   

What made you decide to help others with CV writing?  

My career background is in Human Resources and I have spent a great deal of time working on recruitment campaigns, from adverts and shortlisting, to interviews and selections.  I’ve sat on numerous interview panels and seen lots of good CVs and even more poor ones!  Over the years, I’ve supported friends, family and colleagues to update their CVs ready for their next career move. I wanted to take this further and help more people to create that stand-out CV. 

How can we stand out from the crowd without seeming to have a “big ego?” 

Haha!  I don’t know what it is inside of us that makes us feel awkward about bigging ourselves up but sharing your skills on your CV isn’t about being egotistical, it’s about being proud of what you have achieved and demonstrating what you’re capable of.  There is no shame in sharing what you are good at, and a good CV will always highlight your strengths. 

How can we know that we are on the right track with our applications and supporting statements? 

I suppose it really depends on where you’re heading.  Ask yourself if you are clear about your career next steps, ask yourself if you enjoy what you currently do or if you’re looking for a change.  Once you know what sorts of roles you are applying for, you can focus on the content of each application.  The best advice I give to all my clients is to tailor their cover letters/supporting statements for each role, addressing the job specification. 

Are there any skills / qualities that you think would be crucial for a killer CV? 

As I said earlier, everyone is different and it will depend on the type, and level, of role you are going for.  However, there are skills that will always be appealing to recruiters, for example communication, analysis, problem solving, leadership etc.  Just remember to back up any claims of skills with practical examples and achievements. 

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips for those wanting to refresh or start their CVs? 

  1. Start with a list of your recent roles (no more than 10 years) and see if you can come up with 2 or 3 things that you achieved during each position. 
  1. Find a good CV template and populate as much as you can, being sure to keep it to no more that 2 pages in length. 
  1. Adapt your CV to the role you are applying for so that you can hit all of the relevant job criteria. 

Brilliant Jen! What an insightful read and really helpful to all of us out there trying to boost our CVs and being proud of our achievements 🙂 great top tips too!

Want to know more about Jen and Career Seed? 

If you are looking for support with your CV, get in touch and Jen will be happy to help.  You can find Jen at and on social media: 

Instagram: @careerseed_ 


Facebook: @careerseedlimited 

Twitter: @careerseed_ 

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