Kick starting your Social media content and creation, let us help boost you past your expectations…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post. 

This month’s blog post star guest is Sophie. Sophie and I connected in Australia when I was on my gap year. We clicked straight away for our love of adventures and being a free spirit. Since being back in the UK she has set up a lovely social media platform and business that helps small business to shine! 

Sophie offers a wide range of content that can really boost your business, giving regular tips and advice! I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into managing your own/setting up a new business with great social media platform.  

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go… 

So Sophie, what got you into setting up your social media site as a social media manager? 

Hey Becca! Thank you so much for having me as part of your collab series. Ever since I was at university I’ve worked in marketing and social media, after working in a corporate role, when I left the UK to go travelling in 2017 (and got to meet your lovely self!!), I picked up remote social media management work whilst I was travelling. I found this was a great way to fund my travels and still use my marketing skills and put my degree to good use.  

I work with some amazing brands in the UK and Australia where I manage their social media profiles across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and beyond. As a social media manager I do a whole range of things from blog writing, caption writing, photography, graphic design, email marketing and designing, writing and scheduling posts for all social channels, the list goes on! 

I launched Social By Sophie as there are so many small businesses popping up now and there is very little marketing support out there for businesses that don’t have a large budget. I want to help that gap in the market and offer my tips and advice to help businesses shine online. 

How easy is it for someone who has just launched a business so get a lot of followers/ exposure? 

Honestly, it can be hard. It requires a lot of time, patience, consistency and also self belief.  

I think one of the most important things to remember when starting a business and building your following on Instagram/TikTok/Facebook is to focus on the quality of your followers rather than quantity! It is SO much better to have 1000 people who are genuinely interested in what you offer, rather than 10,000 who don’t care. 

For anyone that’s just launched a business and has created their social media profiles for it I would recommend a few things. 

  • Be patient and consistent, it won’t happen overnight.  
  • Don’t let it take over your life!  
  • Engage with your ideal customer 
  • Don’t get caught up by the numbers (views, likes, followers) 

I’ve helped a lot of accounts grow and I think they key thing is to post quality content that’s in line with your brand and your audiences and to engage with your audience. 

What made you decide to help others with their content?  

I’ve always had friends and family come to me to ask for help and advice with their marketing and social media, and during the first lockdown I thought just how many businesses must be struggling too! I launched Social By Sophie as a way to do my bit and support small businesses to learn whilst they were temporarily closed.  

Some of the tips I share are super simple but so many businesses are so appreciative of these tips as they didn’t know them before! As social media managers we take for granted living and breathing social media and I’m so happy to be able to share my tips! 

How can we use our time more wisely on social media to get maximum reach? 

I would absolutely recommend setting yourself time limits on your social media apps or allocating a time period where you use them. This will help you use your time efficient and not get lost in the bubble of social media where you log on for 1 minute and the next thing you know you’ve been on for an hour and haven’t really gained much!  

If you are looking to use your time more wisely on social media, I’d recommend having a hit list of things to do before having a good scroll (like we are all guilty of!) 

  • Reply to Direct Messages 
  • Reply to Story Replys 
  • Respond to comments 
  • Respond to tagged photos 

Next to increase your engagement, I’d recommend engaging with your target audience, you can do this by leaving comments on posts or replying to stories. A great way to do this is to search the hashtags that you know your ideal customers use and interact with the top posts by leaving a meaningful comment.  

Its super important to be aware of how much time you spend on social media as too much time scrolling isn’t a good thing as it can leave you comparing yourself or being demotivating! 

I see that you’ve created a content Calendar, can you talk use through that please? 

Yes! For all of my social media management clients, I use a content calendar to organise the content across the various social media channels. I find by using a content calendar it keeps me so organised, keeps everything in place and saves me so much time!  

I’ve created an easy to use, affordable digital calendar for small businesses to use to get on top of their content creation, save time and get organised. As business owners we have SO much to do and taking the last minute stress of posting to social media out of the equation is a game changer.  

My content calendar is a digital calendar template where you can plan your social content in advance, it helps you to say goodbye to panic posting and get organised! For all of Becca’s readers you can get 20% off using the code BESTLIFE20, click here to get yours and say HELLO to getting organised, simply add the calendar to your cart and add the code at the checkout to get your 20% discount 

How can we know that we are on the right track with our social media sites – are there any tell tell signs? 

Of course, followers and likes are good indication that your content is doing well and your audience is growing but as I mentioned before, don’t get caught up in it! A great way to tell if you are on the right track is if you are getting good engagement from your followers, by this I mean, comments on your posts, replies to your instagram stories, interactions with you story stickers, visits to your websites and your ideal audience following you or enquiring about your product or service and of course, purchasing or booking! 

Do you think there is a  social media hype of “followers” meaning success and how to we combat this? 

You’ve hit the nail on the head there Becca! There is SUCH a hype about follower count, but, I would 100% say to focus on the quality of your followers rather than the quantity of your followers. It actually will negatively impact your accounts if you have lots of ghost followers, by this I mean accounts that follow you that are either fake or don’t interact with your content.  

I would recommend to draw up your perfect follower or your perfect customer, visualise what they look like, where they live, what they do, what age they are and aim to gain these over everyone! 

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips as a social media manager to small businesses? 

Ooooh my 3 top tips, I have so many! Right my top tips are: 

  1. Don’t get caught up by the numbers, whether this is followers, likes, views etc. More followers doesn’t mean more sales. 
  1. Plan your content in advance to spend your time wisely and avoid panic posting, I’d recommend sitting down once a month or once a week to plan your content in a calendar, write your captions and schedule your content to a scheduler such as Facebook Creator Studio. 
  1. ENJOY IT but don’t let it take over your life, ensure you keep an eye on your screen time and don’t ignore your friends and family by scrolling!  

 Thank you Sophie for your wise words and honest answers. It really is true to not get caught up in the number of followers and to think about the reason why you set up the page in the first place. Time and patience will help with growth… 🙂

Want to know more about Sophie ? 

I share regular tips on my Instagram and my website! My inbox is ALWAYS open and I’m always happy to have a chat about social media and marketing for your business. Don’t forget you have access to 20% exclusive discount off the content calendar by using the code BESTLIFE20 at the checkout, you can get your copy here:  

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Vulnerability is not to be feared, you just need to embrace it my dear…

Hello all and welcome to my blog. Today’s topic is vulnerability and the prejudgement that being vulnerable is a weakness.

Firstly vulnerability is defined as being exposed and potentially in harms way. Whilst this is the black and white definition I think there are some layers to it. See if we don’t show our vulnerable side ever we will always have an exterior wall and be on guard.

Being vulnerable is about showing yourself, your authentic self with courage. That’s what vulnerability means to me. Not a weakness of exposure but a warriors symbol of not hiding in the shadows, being strong and showing the world who we are!

Social media has a great habit of making everyone’s life seemingly perfect, everything is where it is suppose to be and they are loving life every single second. Truth is we don’t. We can’t really. We’re human.

Whilst I am a huge advocate for positivity and happiness I also have my down days and can’t always be as happy as I want to be. I try to be as open as honest as I can to show my platform and wider friends & colleagues what is going on. But you might be asking okay but how can I do this? I’m scared and feel bad about it… don’t worry. I got you.

Tip number 1 – be authentic, there is no point in lying or hiding the truth because one way or another it always comes out! I’m sure we’ve all experienced a time of hiding something and getting caught out was 10x worse than just being honest.

Tip number 2 – embrace all the feelings and accept what your feeling. Our bodies are constantly trying to communicate with our minds to tell us what to do and when to it. Sometimes when feeling vulnerable we want to retreat but that might be the best time to stand up strong for yourself. Don’t let others walk all over you.

Tip number 3 – smile 😊 At the end of it all who really cares? You made a mistake- so what? Who really is going to care in a years time? It’s all about perspective and if you feel embarrassed just remember you are not alone and these challenges make you stronger and more resilient.

Keep shining your light and be the warrior. Being vulnerable is your power and strength. Own it.


Becca x

Building your best body, no time to feel shoddy…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post star guest is Tom. Tom and I have been friends for a while now and used to work together. We would talk about fitness, health and psychology. Tom has a great platform on Instagram where we share his fitness and health videos and posts. He is a certified fitness instructor and has a real can do it attitude which is inspiring. I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into training and finally being able to reach your body goals.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So Tom what was it that initially got you into fitness and nutrition?

Through childhood and adolescence, I was skinny and shy. I always admired physical specimens such as professional rugby players, bodybuilders, and fighters, as I envied their physical prowess. I always wanted to be muscular, strong, and athletic, like these professionals. I also had a difficult childhood, and I wanted to eradicate the resulting lack of confidence by achieving a great physique and great strength. 

Lifting weights was my route into fitness. I started at home with bodyweight exercises and jogging at around 17, and then graduated to heavier weight training when I started attending a gym regularly, at Swansea University at 19.

I had some online mentors who really got me engaged with fitness and nutrition through YouTube. The main mentor was a phenomenal personal trainer called Elliot Hulse. He is an inspiring man with a great story, and I urge you to check out his YouTube channels. I also remember Scott Herman being another useful mentor with educational fitness videos. 

Getting into nutrition was essentially just a byproduct of a desire to build a physique, as good nutrition is so vital to gaining muscle and strength. I started eating healthily to get big and strong, and the resulting positive effects on my mood and energy levels solidified my resolve to make this a regular habit.

I fell in love with fitness and nutrition when I started to see results. I started to see increases in muscularity, strength, energy levels and confidence, and this is truly when I permanently committed to a lifetime in fitness and nutrition. I became addicted to being healthy, both mentally and physically. My physical and mental growth through weightlifting proved to me that I could achieve something when childhood challenges caused me to doubt my ability to achieve my goals. This is what made me continue down this path. 

Have these methods helped you in your life? – if so how?

There were no real methods that I used to get into fitness and nutrition. I already had the motivation to be big and strong, and I took a leap of faith and learnt what worked through reading and trial and error.

To answer your question in a sense, fitness and nutrition have helped me tremendously in my life in general. Training in the gym is analogous to general life, in my view. The same set of skills which make one successful in the gym can be applied to other facets of life. 

For example…- Discipline manifested each completed repetition when I lacked the energy or motivation.- Consistency allowed me to make steady and continuous muscle and strength gains.- Work ethic rendered my training effective.

Transforming my body gave me all these great qualities and many more. Consequently, I can and do call on these attributes to complete other unrelated tasks.

I now possess an incredible work ethic, discipline, consistency, patience, tenacity, and motivation, largely thanks to my beautiful and epic journey through the realm of fitness and nutrition.

It also made me look in the mirror and be truly proud of my body, my physical strength, and my growth as a person. As a result of this, my self-esteem has grown exponentially.

Moreover, the gym was and still is my solace. As well as being a route to my goals, it was a coping mechanism for my mental health tribulations. The gym is a place where I can get out of my mind and into my body.

In short, fitness and nutrition gave me all the attributes that I need to be successful in general life and at peace within myself. For anyone seeking a motive to train, my advice would be that investing time in training your body has a stratospheric return on investment in life in general, even if you don’t care about how you look or how strong you are. The motive to train is to become an unstoppable machine in all domains of life.

Social media can put a lot of pressure on how we look, how do you feel we can tackle this potential body obsessive platform?

Ultimately, we can’t control what pictures and videos others post on social media, but we can control how we perceive them.

Social media is full of seemingly perfect bodies and I do agree that this can cause us to compare ourselves to these ‘perfect’ specimens. 

I think that the popularity of recent ‘body positivity’ ideals and movements has gone some way to change what we perceive as a ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ body. The body positivity movement has gained a lot of traction recently.

That said, social media does still give us a false perception of what it means to have a normal and healthy body.

On the one hand, belief that formidable physiques and strength are possible in a healthy and natural way will benefit our training, as this motivates us strive for this eventuality. 

Amazing physiques and elite levels of strength are attainable while adhering to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I urge people not to doubt what is realistically possible for the human body just because of those who achieve such looks or strength unnaturally, with performance enhancing drugs or extreme supplements, lifestyles, and diets. I am living proof. Although I have a long way still to go with my strength journey, I have gained around 20-25 kilos of muscle, on a good day have an impressive physique, and I can lift a lot of weight. This kind of progress takes many years for the average person, but I have proved that it can be done healthily and naturally.

Notwithstanding, I think the first thing that we can do to combat this issue is to manage how we perceive images. I advise taking images on social media with a grain of salt. What this means is to believe that excellence in fitness and nutrition are entirely possible naturally, but to maintain a degree of scepticism when viewing these images.

Realise that people who make a living from fitness and nutrition are under incredible pressure to look amazing and to be strong. As their own lives and the lives of their loved ones depend on their success in the industry, many are willing to do things which are unnatural to succeed. 

So, my advise is, while harbouring the belief in your ability to excel naturally with fitness and nutrition, consider the following things when viewing images on social media.1. Many of the most popular pictures which you view on social media of ‘perfect bodies’ could quite easily have been manipulated by someone adept at editing photos. That is the first thing to realise. You may be looking at an edited photo rather than a real, unaltered image of a person.2. Some people within the industry are willing to go to extreme lengths to attain a certain level of muscularity or strength. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many, if not all, professional bodybuilders of his era, took copious steroids, trained intensely for several hours each day, and followed extreme diets religiously and constantly during competition seasons. Skinny celebrities may also be starving themselves to look a certain way. These people are not comparable to the average person. There is no use in comparing oneself to people who will quite literally do whatever is required, no matter how dangerous for their health, to achieve their goals. 

It is a good thing to look after your health and to make sure that your training and diet are improving your health as well as you strength and physique.  A fitness lifestyle shouldn’t be designed solely to achieve elite body goals while your health and happiness deteriorate, or you even die in the process of striving for such goals.

My short answer to your question is the following…

Don’t compare yourself to the pictures of bodies which you are seeing on social media. These influencers and celebrities are the 1% of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to look ‘perfect’.

If you are unwilling to go to the same extreme lengths as the fitness and nutrition ‘elite’, you will likely not attain the same physique or physical strength. I truly believe, from all the experience I have gained in this field, that the potential consequences of going to unhealthy and unnatural lengths to have a ‘perfect’ body, are unequivocally not worth the potential reward. So, just set ambitious but attainable goals and disregard these extreme images, as these people don’t have the same goals or values as you.

Along with the physical benefits of exercise do you think it helps to improve your mental wellbeing?

Yes, I firmly believe that exercise can revolutionise one’s mental health, for the following reasons…

Exercise is like meditation for me, in a sense. As well as being a route to my physical health goals, it is equally a grounding activity. Challenging exercise forces my focus powerfully into the present moment. Undivided attention is necessary to keep me safe during heavy lifts and to render my sets effective. Exercise truly renders my mind still and focused, in precisely the same way as traditional meditation.

Following a structured training regime has also given my life structure. The structure and organisation that training has added to my life has helped me to feel in control of my time.

Furthermore, good nutrition and exercise have had an immeasurably positive impact on my energy levels. This has been a game changer. It has almost entirely banished lethargy to the most bygone depths of my memory.

Additionally, as touched on briefly earlier in the post, I strongly believe that the physical and mental growth which have resulted from my decade of training, has resulted in very healthy and deeply rooted self-esteem. This confidence in myself and my abilities gives me the equanimity to handle adversity and mental health difficulties.

As a consequence of all the things which I have covered above, I assert that fitness and nutrition have transformed my mood and my overall mental health.

Finally, it seems to me that this link between exercise and mental wellbeing is well documented in scientific research to date. The correlation to me seems undeniable, not solely due to my own anecdotal evidence.

What would be some of your favourite meals that you would recommend that is good for a healthy diet?

My diet is very monotonous. I wouldn’t say that my diet is the most diverse or the healthiest. That said, I do manage to eat somewhat healthily while leading a busy life, and I think this is a sustainable approach. Trying to be perfect with our diets takes time and effort, and realistically eating ‘perfectly’ isn’t sustainable for most people unless they have all the time in the world to do so. I find that trying to do so can often lead to choosing unhealthy food options which take less time to prepare or obtain.

I have a handful of different healthy foods which I eat repeatedly. For me, maintaining a healthy diet requires convenience. Each main meal comprises some form of complex carbohydrate source like bread or potatoes. I combine this with some form of meat or a vegan alternative, and often with tinned vegetables. I frequently have fruit as dessert, either by itself or with plain soya yoghurt. 

The following meals are my absolute favourites. They require minimal time and motivation to prepare and are packed with protein, filling carbohydrates, and micronutrients.1. Fruit muesli with plain soya yoghurt, goji berries and other berries. I usually combine blueberries with the goji berries.2. A bowl of fruit (any) with plain soya yoghurt. My favourites are black grapes, nectarines, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, and goji berries.3. Vegetable lasagne (cooked in bulk). All this requires is following a simple lasagne recipe and throwing a variety of canned vegetables into the dish in place of meat. Including pulses and legumes in this meal, such as lentils and beans, renders the dish filling and rich in protein. 

How can we know that we are on the right track with our fitness?

Knowing whether we are on the right track with our fitness really depends on our goals. Ultimately being on the right track just means moving in the right direction towards our fitness goals. We can still be on track even if our bodies aren’t quite how we would like them to be or we don’t perform as well as we would like to. If we are making progress towards our personal fitness goals, we are on track.

Seeing some form of improvement in most of your workouts is a good indicator that you are on track. Making consistent improvements means that you are challenging your body adequately (but not excessively), consuming enough of the right nutritious foods, managing your stress levels, and getting enough rest in the form of relaxation and sleep.

I advise keeping a workout log, in order to see the progress which you are making. If your progress starts to diminish, you will need to make a change or several changes to your training, diet, rest, or stress management. You may even need to make changes to several or all of these facets of your lifestyle. 

Making changes to these areas is more complex than I can express concisely in this blog post. Any specific questions about these changes are welcome on my social media accounts.

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips for a healthy, balanced life?

1. Don’t do anything extreme to achieve your fitness goals.

En route to achieving your gym goals, don’t follow extreme diets or exercise regimes, don’t starve yourself, don’t take performance enhancing drugs, and don’t take dietary supplements which come with marked detrimental side effects. Going to such extremes to achieve fitness goals is reserved for the handful of aspiring bodybuilding champions and star athletes who are willing to sacrifice health and longevity for fame and accolades.

A fitness lifestyle needs to be sustainable and benefit one’s mental and physical health. You shouldn’t sacrifice your physical health and contentment for unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyles. It simply isn’t worth it. Of course, we all ideally want to be supreme physical specimens, but our mental and physical health is more important. One can still achieve great things in fitness, without sacrificing physical health and happiness. However, the process is more gradual, and this leads me onto my second tip.

2. Embrace gradual progress.

Fully accept that progress in fitness as a natural athlete is gradual. Be patient and consistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Focus on making incremental progress on a consistent basis rather than rapid progress in short bursts interspersed with long periods of inactivity and stagnation. Allow this approach some time and you will see that the small bricks that you were laying on a consistent basis have become a vast structure and monumental progress.

3. Find diets and forms of exercise, or several forms, about which you can be passionate.

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore and it isn’t a punishment. You should look forward to your workouts as a result of them comprising modes of exercise which truly engage and excite you.

For example…

If you love socialising, you could find a local sports club such as a rowing or jogging club, where you can interact with others while you exercise.

If you love to be alone and you are an avid boxing fan, get yourself some boxing equipment and make that your method of exercising.

If you don’t particularly like any exercise but you love nature and scenery, plan regular hikes in scenic locations.

There are copious sports and activities to suit all tastes. You just need to find your passion. Discover a passion which can also be a form of exercise and provide you with great physical health, mental wellbeing, and longevity.

Tom what inspiration and motivation you’ve given us! I love thinking of fitness and sports like meditation. It doesn’t have to be silent and eyes closed it’s a way of letting go and grounding like you say. Great analogy. “You just need to find your passion” – it’s within all of us for sure we just have to tap into it and find it!

Want to know more about Tom?

If you are interested to see more of my fitness journey, and experience more of what I have to offer you along your own fitness journey, click the link below to my page.

I also put an equal amount of passion into my mental health content. If you would like to also experience more of what I have to offer you in the field of mental wellbeing, click the link below to my mental health page.

You are the resolution, as well as the solution…

Do you feel like you are on the cusp of change but not sure what or how this will work? 🤔 do you feel like your purpose in this world is more than what you’re currently doing? You might be asking yourself why can everyone else do it but me? Here is where I come in to help you with this. Together I am going to coach you through 3 top tips for being the resolution to your world. 😎

Number 1 – willingness to change. A lot of people talk the talk of wanting to change. “I want to lose weight” or “I want a new partner” etc, but when it comes down to it they won’t put the effort in. Why? Because change is hard and it’s a change in our status quo, which most of us humans are programmed against. We like things the way they are. Unfortunately if you want to grow you must leave this comfort zone and test your limits. If you want to get fitter you need to run that extra mile, lift that weight another rep or create and environment for better lifestyle choices. This dedication will create mood boosting results from the endorphins that flood your body and yes you will feel good!!

Number 2 – failure is not a setback, but a leap forward. Many of us see failure as a problem, when really that can push us and motivate us to succeed more. Yes in the moment it can be upsetting or frustrating but remember that emotion as are like energy bubbles and the more we fill our bubble with more negative emotions that bigger than bubble will grow. We need to pop that bubble. Stand up and create the next bubble of optimism and hard work. It’s not an easy path but one that will give you life satisfaction and happiness.

Number 3 – thinking consciously. Don’t be the person that walks past the rubbish on the floor and think that someone else will sort it. No. You need to actively be the person you are trying to create and if that means doing your bit or society no matter how big or small I would strongly encourage you do. It is easy to watch the world go by and complain that change isn’t happening. Maybe you are that person who needs to spark this?

You must take on the resolution and your whole bring just say yes to all of these top tips. Not worrying about the lack of what you don’t have but the new opportunities that you will.

Now the final question is. Are you ready to commit to change? Don’t say you’ll try. Say you WILL. Saying you’ll try is saying you’re not really going to give it 100%. So I’ll ask again – are you ready to commit to change?

I believe in you.

I hope this helps! I would love to know how you are creating your best lives 🥳 do comment below and share with your friends. Together we can create positive change. Together we are stronger.


Becca x

Fitness and wellbeing can be your vision, lets help you with this decision…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog star guest is Charlotte. We connected on Instagram nearly a year ago where she inspired me with her love for fitness, realism and honesty. She has a lovely social media platform and business that helps you discover your potential through fitness and mindset as a coach.

Charlotte offers to help you to find your path of wellness and to replicate 1-1 personal training without the expense – win win! I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into training and finally being able to reach your life/body goals.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So Charlotte what was it that initially got you into fitness and wellbeing?

Sports came natural to me at a young age and I enjoyed it so it became a large part of my life. I first became a Football Coach, I loved seeing the kids progressing and being a part of their achievements . Alongside with my love for training I chose to make my it job.

Have these methods have helped you in your life? – if so how?

Enjoying exercise/training makes it easier to be a part of my lifestyle. If a person had a bad experience growing up with PE at school for example I totally understand someone may be hesitant to try exercise/sports as am adult. Its important to to try and detach our from our experiences when we were young sometimes and remember our beliefs back then towards something don’t need to be a part of our identity now. Training is a massive part for my mental and physical health. It’s very much an outlet.

What made you decide to help others with this and run an online business?

I’ve had my own battles with my mental and physical health in the past. Getting through it has helped spur my passion in helping others and/or preventing them from going through what I have. Unfortunately, Personal Training is still considered a luxury. My online platform is there to dismantle this. At a very affordable price you can have a personalised plan written for you by a trainer. The importance of following a plan that is only there to emphasise your strengths and build on what you want to is necessary to not only reach goals but also build confidence in yourself.

Do you find the fitness industry challenging, if so what 1 thing would you change?

It’s challenging in the sense, lets take this Pandemic for example. I have been so grateful to my client base for keeping me by their side throughout. However being a PT, the mental exhaustion that comes with it can be tough. Lacking on motivation yourself during a lockdown but to find it for others is challenging at times. In reference to social media, I think we’re all well aware of the nonsense that is out there too when it comes to health and fitness so working against that is frustrating at times. Especially since it’s so unregulated when it comes and who is promoting what.

What would be some of your tips with getting started in fitness and nutrition?

Take the wins as they come. It’s important to know your WHY. Why are you starting, why do you want to change something etc. Keeping this in the back of your mind each day is necessary. But more importantly, acknowledging your wins throughout the course of it. Daily. What did you do different to yesterday? Set-backswill always happen, that’s life. But reminding yourself it doesn’t mean you’re starting over again when this happens. You have already laid down a few bricks to build on top of. 

How can we know that we are on the right track with it– are there any tell tell signs?

Keep a diary. Write down how you feel during the day and remember to look back on it.  Focus on your journey when it comes to fitness and nutrition, don’t get caught up seeing where someone else is at. 

How can we combat social media pressures with fitness and body shapes?

Don’t follow anyone promoting their highlight reel. Most of these profiles are public anyway so if you do want to have a nose, you’ll be choosing to, rather than it being put in-front of you. Anyone that uses the word ‘quick’ unfollow. This is your life. Were learning how to live a life that were happy with, not a life that restricts pleasures. Im interested in how I feel daily and recognising my wins, not someone else’s. 

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips for a balanced life?

1. On your good days be good, On your bad days, be kind to yourself, give yourself room to take pleasure in comforts.

2. One bad day doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off the wagon. This isn’t a quick fix remember, the ratio of good:bad days will reign over when you’re looking back on your life.

3. Finding your enjoyment in it.

Thank you so much Charlotte! I loved that so much and found it super inspiring! I love your realism and ability to say things how they are. My favourite part was “take the wins as they come” this is so important at right now with everything that’s going on. We must take every positive moment and celebrate it.

Want to know more about Charlotte?

I go into more depth on all of this on my Instagram @charlottevcrisp. If you’d like to work together please reach out. My website is

Being me is enough, you don’t need to bluff…

Hello and welcome to best life with Becca!

This weekly blog post is on having and being enough. A lot of us these days focus on our external possessions and what we own to dictate how we feel about ourselves. Maybe we’ve seen someone has gotten a new car, house or clothes recently that we haven’t been able get – this may make your mood low and make you feel a bit sh*t.

This blog is not about comparing ourselves to how we are with our belongings but actually being enough by just who we are as human individuals. We all bring something to the table and we are all here to make a difference and influence people’s lives (for the better in most cases).

15 commitments of conscious leadership book

So firstly, don’t go into scarcity mode of what you don’t have. Flip it around, what do you have? Do you have a roof over your head? Comfortable clothes and access to food & water? My guess is most of us do. These are basic things yes- but without them there would be no way we could survive or thrive without these. We can take it a layer deeper.

Thinking about what we do have as an individual – maybe you are a socialite who makes people feel happy 💛, maybe you are a strong person who will speak the truth even when it hurts 🧡, maybe you are a listening ear to those who need comfort 💙, but most of all you bring love to the table ❤️ that isn’t cheesy or soppy because deep down when we think about belongings we want to be a part of something. We should instead try to connect with ourselves and with others and we do this with a high conscious energy of love. Think of a time where you felt on top of the world. I bet your heart was racing, you had a huge smile on your face and love pouring out.

See it is all about perspective. So let’s not indulge ourselves in others peoples worlds that makes us bitter or jealous. Let’s focus on our wins and our triumphs and developing ourselves. With the intention of sharing and understanding of other peoples positions.

My commitment is to do what makes you happy and go with it. The experience will be more rewarding that the material prize at the end.

Stay strong and know that you can’t plant a seed, dig it up straight away and expect a flower. Time and patience is required but you’ll get there. I know it.


Becca x

Numerology, Tarot and Cosmic Guidance, will you give it a chance…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post star guest is Layla. We connected on Instagram through a beautiful workshop event “a night with the full moon” where she inspired me with her love for numerology, tarot and giving cosmic guidance. She has a lovely social media platform and business that helps you discover your superpowers –amazing!

Layla offers to help you to find your path of happiness and find out more on how others see you and align with the cosmic forces. I cannot wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a some more insight into finding your cosmic flow.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So Layla what was it that initially got your into numerology and tarot? And can you tell us what they mean for us newbies?

I have always been into the magical/mystical and spiritual side of life. When I was a teenager I started to get into metaphysics and picked up a numerology book on amazon. But it wasn’t until years later when I got my own numerology reading and changed my name according to it, that I really started to dive deep into the subject.
Numerology is a study of the meaning of numbers. Numbers are all around us, they are the language of the universe; numbers are energy. Where maths deals with the quantity of things, numerology deals with their quality and meaning behind them.
Tarot is a pictorial book of life, containing and holding the keys to wisdom. It can be used as a tool for divination but also self realisation.

Have these methods helped you in your life? – if so how?

Yes, tremendously. They have helped me transform myself and my life in a very profound way. I use both tools regularly to figure out any blind spots I may have and also what my focus should be on.

What made you decide to help others with this and run an online business?

The fact that it impacted my life so much had made me realise that more people should have access to it. I feel like it’s my duty to help people find their uniqueness. I want to make sure that I am here for those, who are really willing to put in the necessary self work to really live their best lives.

What challenges you the most with exploring how others feel about you?

I don’t actively explore how others feel about me, but nevertheless, reputation is still important. Dealing with spiritual matters can be tricky because people can only learn what they are ready for. Anything more will either set off alarm bells or will completely go over their heads.  People see the world through a glass tinted by their own beliefs, and sometimes what you say gets misinterpreted. So I guess it’s about trying to feel out where someone is at, and help them gently.

What would be some of your tips with getting started with tarot and numerology?

Buy books, study and learn. It’s a never ending process. But I think I would actually start with using those things to know yourself. When you know yourself well, your inner voice will guide to what and where you’re meant to be.

How can we know that we are on the right track with– are there any tell tell signs?

I think that in general, things start to happen. We feel more engaged in life. We have more strength and resilience. It’s not that bad things don’t happen but when they do we can deal with them a lot easier. Overall life gets better instead of worse. But I think the most important sign is more self awareness. The awareness of yourself and connection to the Devine gets stronger.

How do we know what our life purpose is and discover our superpowers?

Our life purpose will be revealed to us as a result of persistent inner and outer work. Learning about the dark and light side of ourselves, following our interests, controlling our negatives etc. Numerology and tarot can certainly help guide us towards it.

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips for optimal cosmic flow in our lives?

Study yourself, control your dark side & emphasise the good side!

Thank you so much Layla. What an inspiration and I love the part about our life purpose will be revealed by doing the inner and outer work! It’s fascinating. I will definitely be investing in some good tarot and numerology books to learn more about this fascinating subject 😇


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Emotional state, could it be straight – forward…

Hello all and welcome back to the blog,

I’m so glad you’re here because it’s time to talk about our emotions. We all have highs and lows that’s human nature. But how can we regulate, how can we know what will trigger us? Well we may have tell tell signs but the truth is sometimes we get lot of different emotions, a wave of joy, a bubble of anger or a stomach drop of sadness.

Now as a positive psychology advocate it would be easy to say my life is plain sailing snd I’ve always got it together. But it does have its trials and tribulations. Just before I wrote this I had a cry to myself. I’m not ashamed to hide that because it’s healthy to let it out. But not all crying comes from a place of sadness. It can be stress, overwhelm, excitement, happiness or inability to compartmentalise our feelings. You can’t always explain it.

Okay so now we’ve talked emotions what can we do to understand them more?

1. Let the emotion be, let it play out and be present – don’t try to hide it.

2. Talk to someone you trust – sometimes having all these feelings inside can be tiring and talking it out can take the pressure off (if you can’t talk to anyone then write it somewhere you feel safe so it’s off your chest still)

3. Life can be challenging- this gives us the growth and courage we need to step into our power of who we are meant to be.

These are my 3 top tips for this but my take home message is don’t let social media deceive you. If you’re having a wobble chances are there are a lot of people also feeling it. What can you do to look after you? You’re your own number 1. Never forget that. And know your feelings matter – all of them.

Be strong. Be courageous. Let the inner roar inside you be heard.


Becca x

Creating an online business through coaching, a new you is approaching…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post star guest is Christina. We connected together on Instagram through our love for affirmations, coaching and passion for empowering individuals to reach their goals. She has a lovely social media platform that helps new coaches to create and launch profitable online business – pretty cool!

Christina offers fun, practical coaching and business advice, and I can’t wait to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a different approach to coaching and launching a business.

Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So Christina, what was it that initially got you into coaching and launching your social media page?

Hi Becca! 

I’ve always had a natural tendency to help others, I’ve done a lot of volunteer work and I like the feeling I get when I’m able to help people, that’s why I’m always positive and happy. Side note: I’m passionate about Positive Psychology and it’s scientifically proven that one of the ways we can increase our level of happiness is to do a daily random act of kindness, and I’m lucky enough to do it naturally.

On top of that, according to my Enneagram Test results I’m a “Helper” and according to my MBTI results I’m an ESTP, which means I have the Entrepreneur personality type.

I have a background in Marketing and have worked in International Business Development for more than a decade, so for me launching my business coaching practice was just a matter of putting 2 and 2 together. 

As far as my social media page, that’s something I kinda had to do to market myself and since I have a degree in marketing and my thesis was about how to use social media to promote businesses and brands, again just a matter of putting two and two together 🙂

Can you tell us the different types of coaching experience you have had and how this has helped you? 

Ok, I’ve worked with many coaches and some of them were great, whilst some of them were just in for the money.

I currently have an amazing relationship coach and a fantastic business coach because those are the two areas of my life where I want to grow the most.

I learned how to pick the right coach based on past experiences, as I mentioned, because unfortunately, the online world has given space and power to people with no experience and no integrity.

So now, I have to have a real connection with the coach before I can work with them.

And the same goes for my clients. 

I work with people who I’ve been talking to for a some time online or in person who feel uber confident to work with me and have the best results because of the real connection we have.

What made you decide to help others with their online businesses?

Like I said, for me it was just a matter of putting two and two together based on my natural tendency to help others and my background in business and marketing.

I decided to help others succeed with their online businesses specifically because that’s the best way for me to reach more and more people and eventually make the world a happier place, which is my life purpose and mission.

As my clients thrive in their businesses it means that they can go ahead and help as many people as possible.

What has been your highlight of coaching?

Being able to live my life purpose. There’s NOTHING in the world more fulfilling than that.

What has been your biggest challenge as a coach?

Keep pushing through the beginning stage when you put all your efforts and you see no results. It takes a lot of optimism and that’s the reason why the majority of coaches give up in the first year.

How important is mindset and resilience as a coach?

Mindset and resilience is 80% of what it takes to be a good coach and a good entrepreneur. 

I put a lot of emphasis on helping my clients create a strong mindset (in jergain we call it a Growth mindset) before we even get to the nitty gritty of building their business.

Is launching your own business as scary as it sounds?


The scariest part is taking THAT first step, but once you take that first step, everything else gets easier and easier.

And I’m not saying that entrepreneurship is easy, because it’s actually the opposite, being that it’s a rollercoaster of  emotions.

What I’m saying is that the “scary” part is always the creation of the motion AKA taking that first step. If you create the motion and sustain the momentum, it gets easier because you start motivating yourself and are excited to see what’s next.

Building your ONLINE business, though can become extremely overwhelming, because of all the noise and the free information that you can find online.

And that’s the reason why the majority of new coaches gives up before even ditching their 9-5 or they go back to a 9-5 after trying on their own for a year or two.

Hence hiring a business coach who can show you the exact steps to easily follow, it’s crucial for the success of your online business.

And this is exactly what I do.

What would be some of your tips to get started with a new online business?

Get a certification to build your confidence, practice coaching for a while and hire a business coach. 

This is the magic formula to do things the right way.

What a lot of people do instead is: get multiple certifications, focus on increasing their followers on social media, (before even knowing WHO their followers should be), building a website that talks about them instead of their clients and the results achieved, and trying on their own taking the wrong steps following the free info they find online until they’re so overwhelmed that they finally understand that they can’t do it without hiring a business coach that can show them how.

How can we know that we are on the right track with our business – are there any tell tell signs?

You’re on the right track when you hit your financial goals and when you make the impact you planned on making.

Finally, what would be your 3 top tips from a coach’s perspective for a successful online business lifestyle?

Always be grateful for what you have achieved and accomplished.

Keep pushing through the hardest times by focusing on WHY you started in the first place.

Delegate the things you have no time or no will to do if you don’t want your business to run your life.

Christina thank you so much for sharing your coaching story! I love it and really puts thing in perspective. It is all about taking the first step with everything! Yes it is going to be scary as it’s the fear of the unknown, but until you take the leap you’ll never know how amazing and resilient you really are. ❣️


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New year, new me?

Is the title too cliche? Or is it really time to start stepping up into your power. The real you. The you that doesn’t take anymore BS, the you that says no graciously when you don’t want to do something but the old you would have said yes. This year you ARE going to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

This year you are going to write a list and you are going to stick to it to the end to hit your targets. Whether that is a small or a big goal they all have the same emotional feeling when they are achieved. That winning sensation, the smiles and the sigh of relief knowing you did it.

This year we are going to work even harder to achieve that we want and to manifest a life we enjoy. Why not, one life here as us right? So go get your pen and paper and write your goals. And start to create a vision of what you want your life to look like.

Will you read that book you said you always would? Will you dare to make the recipe that looks hard? Will you run that extra mile even when your working to your max?

Will you step up and claim your power. I am. Will you join me?

I believe you in. You got this.