Christmas festivities,there are possibilities…

What a year. Where to even begin. Christmas has been a different time this year, perhaps a little somber for most. But really this post is about what can we be grateful for? A review of the year full of reflection and looking within. No external distractions.

So where do we start? Let’s go with 5 things that have made you happy this year. I’ll give you some examples of what made me happy this year:

1. Starting my new job

2. Moving in with my boyfriend

3. Starting my blog page best life with Becca

4. Improving my fitness with running and the outdoor gym for upper body work

5. Reading inspiring books for self development

Now it’s your turn. Get your pen and paper or notes on your phone and think of 5 things you have been grateful for!

Next step what are we going to improve next year going forward. Maybe it’s improving your fitness, having more self care time, having your creative outlet or maybe be that pro baker! Whatever it may be write these down and make sure you can see them everyday to remind you of the promise you’ve made yourself.

Next year may not be all fixed and mended straight away but we can all make a conscious decision to do our own part for ourselves to look after ourselves and the ones we love.

No more focusing on the negative and lack of what we can’t have and focus on what we can control. You are your own person and you have so much more potential that you have ever realised.

Ignite the fire. Let the flame burn and out will rise the Phoenix within.

I wish you all good faith and fortune over the Christmas times.

Let’s stick together on this. See you in 2021.

Love always

Becca x

Being candid, don’t be commanded…

This weekly blog post is on speaking candidly. Most of us don’t like always being up front and honest when we think it might hurt the other person or it puts us in a difficult situation.

The truth can hurt right? and as humans we don’t always want to heat that. But can it always be avoided…? No. The truth will always come to light, it’s just whether you have been able to be upfront and honest with someone else or yourself about the situation.

Research has shown that 97% of people admit to outright lying. They admitted to withholding or concealing information. We’ve all done it.

So what can we do. Tell the truth! What you say is what you mean. No lies, no fluffing up the situation just being candid and open with everything you need to say. If you’re honest with yourself and others this will reflect in the way you act and you will be able to express how you feel- even the not so good feelings I.e anger, scared, sad. You can speak your thoughts and be upfront with your internal feelings in an assertive way (not aggressive or passive).

Reveal, don’t conceal.

You can do it!


Becca x

Astrology and holistic healing – a new you undiscovered?

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post star guest is Bex. Bex and I have connected on Instagram through our similar goals and passion for spiritual, holistic healing. She has a lovely social media platform that helps engage and inspire people through her love of astrology and manifesting abundance. Such an inspiration! 😊

We are here to talk about Bex’s journey of how she got into astrology and holistic healing. She offers a cool insight into zodiac signs and is here to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you deepened awakening on how this can help you in day to day life, along with Bex’s top tips!

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Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So, Bex, what was it that kickstarted your astrology and holistic journey?

I’ve always been incredibly interested in holistic healing + spiritual practices as I was brought up surrounded by these teaching! My dad has been a huge influence for me – he’s a life coach, a yoga teacher, an NLP practitioner, hypnotist, runs spiritual retreats + knows all about reiki, crystal healing, Eastern Philosophy… you name it! I was reading runes + Angel cards while other kids in the class were reading Smash Hits magazine. We used to go to Glastonbury village together where I’d investigate the magic shops and choose crystals to take home and learn about.

I also spent a lot of time in hospital in the formative years between 8 and 14, and my dad stayed there with me + taught me so much about positive attitude, meditation and healing the body through holistic practices as well as Western medicine. I had a strong grasp of ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’ before they became buzzwords, so I’m so grateful to him for that. Astrology was a natural progression since I use it to align myself with Universal energies + plug into high frequencies to become my best self. Having a platform to share my knowledge with the world has been a goal of mine for a long time. 

What does holistic healing mean to you?

For me, holistic healing means not looking to an external source to improve your life, but rather looking within. The mantra ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ is so relevant in all aspects of life. Whether healing the mind, body or soul, it all begins with where we focus our attention, We create the boundaries of our lives with the stories we tell ourselves – so the narrative we weave must be a supportive one. 

Are you able to highlight to us how astrology has impacted your lifestyle at all?

Astrology has impacted my life in a wonderful, positive way because I see it as the very best kind of personal development. When we know the position of the Moon, Sun + planets then we have a chance to move with their rhythm, shed old layers + evaluate fresh aspects of our character, spirit + existence. It’s undeniably powerful stuff.

Astrology teaches us that each Zodiac Season brings with it very specific energy. When the Sun + Moon moves through each sign we have the incredible opportunity to use the fresh energies to our advantage – no matter what our personal star sign. I call them Energetic Harmonies – you can check out my IGTV about it here (LINK: )

When the planets are in certain signs then we can feel an increase in creativity, introspection, sociability etc. Each sign offers the chance of beautiful expansion of our being. Aligning with astrology enables me to be super specific with the energies I harness!

Can you explain how you use astrology in day to day life?

I literally now plan my week depending on where the Sun + Moon are going to be! I know when I’ll have energy when I’ll be feeling more admin-focused/creative when I need to treat myself with ultimate self-love. I look at the planet movements then allocate tasks for each day. It’s incredible for goal setting.

I refer to it as Celestial Navigation. In my weekly newsletter for the Moon Child Sorority, I break down every day, advising about the high + low vibrations to watch out for + work with to further evolve as a beautiful spiritual soul. I’m also big on female empowerment, so I’ll give ‘assignments’ to help raise other women up. I’ve had so much incredible feedback from my Sorority Sisters who say it’s improving their daily lives. 

I also hold Full Moon + New Moon rituals, during both of which I set intentions, release limiting ‘blocks’ and work on abundance and manifestation. I genuinely can’t imagine going about my life without these incredible prompts. I feel like I’m constantly evolving to become the best version of myself. 

What are your thoughts on crystal healing, for example – how do you use them if I am a beginner?

I’m all for crystal healing! We’re made of energy, and when our seven chakras are vibrating at their ideal frequency then we’re in harmony. Crystals are like tuning forks – certain crystals can unblock their corresponding chakras and allow flow and alignment in mind, body and soul.

If you can go to your local crystal shop then head there and see what crystal you’re attracted to. Your body and spirit will react to what it needs. Here’s a super-quick guide to my ‘base crystals’.

Red jasper – for Root Chakra – stability, nurture, bravery

Tiger’s Eye – for Sacral Chakra – protection, luck, confidence

Citrine – for Solar Plexus Chakra – abundance, joy, optimism 

Rose Quartz – for Heart Chakra – self-love, forgiveness, romance

Lapis Lazuli – for Throat Chakra – speaking your truth, awareness

Amethyst – for Third Eye Chakra – calmness, overcoming addiction, intuition

Clear Quartz – for Crown Chakra/all chakra alignment – focus, cleansing all chakras, super-charging al other stones, removing negativity from your aura

This post explains more (link: ) 

What do you feel is the best advice for people who have never followed astrology before?

Sign up to the Moon Child Sorority newsletter! You can do so here (link: ). Every Sunday I send out a guide to the week, telling you where the Sun + Moon will be, what energy is in the air, and how to best use it in your daily life!

When you start to get more curious about it + discover how your own emotions change as the Moon waxes + wanes, then it’s really fun to have your birth chart read. This is essentially your ‘cosmic blueprint’ of where the planets were positioned at your time of birth, and give a fascinating insight into your personality and destiny. Your star sign is just the beginning – there’s also your Moon sign, your rising sign, your North node, South node… not to mention where the planets were positioned and also your houses! It. Becomes highly addictive! If you’re curious just pop me an email on

What would be your 3 top tips to help with a holistic healing journey?

1. First of all, really work with the concept that we’re pure energy. We attract what we give out to the Universe. We have the power to raise our own vibrations. Once you understand and respect that, the adventure begins!

2. Journaling is a wonderful tool for self-development and holistic healing. Through writing down our thoughts, our emotions and our blocks, we are able to see where we’re restricting our own healing. I recommend starting each day by simply writing the statement ‘I feel’ in your journal, then let yourself just write, free of self-judgement or attempts to analyse what comes up. Don’t look for the why, just the what. Then write five things in life you’re grateful for. It can be a huge thing like ‘freedom’ or ‘my family’ or something as simple as ‘a warm chocolate croissant for breakfast!’ or ‘a clear inbox’! 

3. Trust your intuition. If you feel the Universe is trying to tell you something or point you in a direct, go with it. The more we use our intuition, the stronger it becomes. Trust your path, go with the flow, and believe the Universe has your back at all times!

Wow Bex, I really enjoyed that! Thank you so much for your fabulous insights into crystals and astrology. I love your top tips, journalling is definitely a great tool that I also use. I also love trusting our intuition – trust your gut! Defo going to be using this matra mo – ‘where attention goes, energy flows.’

I hope you can take away some really great learning from this.

Take care,

Becca x


Want to know more about Bex?

Thanks so much for the interview Becca, I loved it! And thanks for being a Moon Child Sorority sister. Any readers who’d like to sign up for weekly horoscopes, crystal cocktails, moon movements, female empowerment and manifestation mantras then please join the newsletter here:

You can follow me on @cosmic_cures where I share all my knowledge + post information to help you align + shine. And if you’re curious about having your birth chart read then email me on = I’m giving 15% off for one month’s Celestial Navigation for readers of this blog!

Eliminating gossiping, an assertive you is blossoming…

This week’s blog post is on eliminating gossip. No one is perfect and we all see the world through our own eyes and perceptions. But what we can control are our actions. How many of us have said nasty things about others just to make ourselves feel better or superior?

Gossip has been a part of our culture for far too long now it has become acceptable to make negative comments or statements about others, that if the person was there, they would be unwilling to share. Equally, those who fuel the “gossipers”, listening and validating their comments and behaviour. It happens at all ages and can really affect the person.

So where does this gossiping behaviour come from? Psychologically a root cause of this may stem from fearful emotions; such as jealousy, hatred or the inability to speak one’s truth. Perhaps some people don’t know how to release negative energy healthily, and this is their outlet – using this to get attention and gain an ego validation to make us feel wanted and boost our self-esteem.

So, what can we do to combat this?

  1. If someone starts to gossip call it out and say something like this “I do not wish to partake in this conversation” and either change the subject to a more positive one or simply walk away. This shows your boundaries of what you will and won’t accept clearly and your assertive power in the situation – neither aggressive nor passive – go you!
  2. Try to find a way to talk to the person who you have been “gossiping” about and directly go to them to clear the air. Be open and honest about your actions and take ownership for your actions. It is better to be truthful and honest than get caught out and be going behind peoples backs.
  3. Try to see the difference between facts and opinions – a lot of people will happily give their opinions, but with no evidence to back this up. They are interpreting a situation and seeing it through their reality – but this doesn’t have to be yours. This may help stop gossiping if you look for the objective data and if you don’t see it you know they are simply giving an opinion – not necessarily the truth!

Gossiping is not a nice thing to be part of. It brings down others when we should be looking to boost people up. Okay someone might have annoyed you or not done a job as well as you would have liked – those actions you cannot control. What you can control is how you respond. Try to be more compassionate, offer to help or perhaps offer a compliment on what you do like about that person. It will not only make you feel good inside, but it will also boost the other person – win-win.

Let’s be a bit nicer to one another, we are all here on this planet together after all.


Becca x

Surround yourself with people who talk about visions and ideas, not other people – Akin Olokun

Always running to get your personal best, don’t worry just take it in jest…

This week’s blog topic is on always trying to run your personal best times and how not to worry about it when you don’t always hit those targets. When you frequently or infrequently run you usually get a good sense of how fast you can run and your average timings, right?

So say you set out to run a mile, a 5k, 10k etc.. the list goes on, if you run fairly frequently you are going to know your average times of how fast you can run a km or mile. When you finish the run and you check the clock and see that you didn’t hit your usual running time or you felt really sluggish and slow it can make you feel demotivated.

Just last week I ran a 5k and really was tired, sluggish and slow. I was so disappointed when I didn’t hit my usually pace and ended up doing it a lot slower than I have my previous times. Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you before? Well I am here to help with my 5 top tips of how to  not be down when you don’t hit your usual running times.

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Tip number 1 – Embrace it – okay so this isn’t your fastest run but try to enjoy the views around you, listen to the sounds around you, take this as a slower paced run.

Tip number 2 – Take the next day as a rest – stretch and make sure your muscles have time to repair. This may be impacting your running longer term.

Tip number 3- Don’t pay attention to the mind games – it doesn’t mean that because you didn’t run as fast as normal this time that it sets the tone for all your runs going forward.

Tip number 4 –  Change your attitude – don’t focus on what you haven’t achieved time wise and focus on the positives that you made it out and you are working on improving yourself – positivity is key.

Tip number 5 – Smile – know that your next run you are going to smash it – you can do it.

I hope this helps and if you have any other top tips please comment below.

Keep strong and push forwards. You got this.


Becca x

Creative block, do not stop…

This week’s blog topic is on how to improve creativity when you’re feeling stuck. Maybe you have writer’s block? Maybe you feel drained and can’t get the momentum to keep going of new ideas? You know what, I get it!

Just today writing this blog I felt hesitate and didn’t know what to write about. I usually have so many ideas, but on this wet and cold Sunday my brain was struggling and I nearly gave up – being real with you all is important to me and I do have days where I struggle.

But I feel I have a duty to you all and I want to fulfil that role and be there for you. That was my promise. That is what I will do. So now here is the good part, this is where I tell you my top tips of how to get out of this stifled mindset and go the creative juices flowing.

Firstly, take a walk and get fresh air. I am not going to tell you how long for, it is recommended 30 minutes a day but even just 5 minutes will be better than none. This walk will get your body moving, get endorphins pumping and blood flowing. The fresh air will also bring new waves of breath and fresh oxygen to you which will be great for your mental stimulation. This after I took this photo in one of the parks near me and it felt like it captured this blog. The light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way out of this.

Secondly, get some water – rehydrate yourself. Go on, get a large glass of water and make sure you finish it. This will again be great for your internal organs and flush out nasty toxins – ew!

Lastly, take a second to breathe. I felt like I was rushing around with a busy mind and didn’t give my higher conscious self the chance to talk to me and filer down the information that I needed. So take a second, pause… close your eyes and breath 3 nice deep breaths and ask yourself this “Higher self, what creative messages do you need me to know?” Sit with it for a moment and then it should start coming back to you.

Give yourself time, these things can be difficult and the more you force the more resistance you may feel. Be one with your mind and body.

You got this. Affirm to yourself – I am creative!

I’d love to hear from you, please drop a comment below if you found this helpful and don’t forget to follow my insta and youtube – @bestlifewithbecca


Becca x

Psychological health, freeing yourself…

Hello everyone and welcome to another collaboration post.

This month’s blog post guest star is Psyesprit, which is run by Parnavi and Sayantani. I have connected with these two fabulous people through our similar goals and passion for empowering individuals. They have a lovely social media platform that helps engage and answer questions that you never knew you had!

We are here to talk about mental health and psychology expertise. They have a fun blog and offer a fun but practical advice and they are here to delve deeper with it through my Q&A style blog. We hope this gives you a different approach to psychology, along with their top tips!

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Please feel free to share with all your friends and family! Here we go…

So, Parnavi and Sayantani, what was it that kick started you into psychology and your blog?

LIFE! Personal life experiences that made one of us familiar to a Psychologist at a young age. It instilled the thought that a psychologist was the one person who listened and understood your situation in an unbiased and non-judgmental manner. That’s where the passion for Psychology was formed and also the experiences in the later stages of life fuelled that passion. Both our main reasons to choose psychology was to understand ourselves better, to get better ambiguity on ourselves. The need and urge to help people out of their emotional and mental suffering.

Would you say learning about psychology has helped you, if so why?

It has helped in a big way. Would like to give a personal example; have had to go through a hard patch in life for years now, the only thing that helped mostly through the years is my knowledge of psychology. The ways to deal with my emotions, the stress, and getting through the tough days was only because I knew how my mind worked during such situations. It helped me to always have a different perspective on things that were happening around me. I always took a pause and thought what’s positive that could come out of this? May it be looking around myself and thinking everyone around me is going forward in life but I am falling behind, but then seeking the other perspective; everyone is just living the life that majority of people live but I get a chance to live a different life that is not mainstream in my view and getting to experience something that will make me only stronger for when I get into that mainstream life because I have already been through the tough part of life.

Why is understanding how our brain works so important in everyday life?

Well, I think the answer to this question can be found in the answer above by narrowing it down. Understanding how your brain works is very important, our brain does what we or others tell it to do. So if someone you trust tells you suddenly to stand up, without giving a thought you would stand-up and later ask questions. This shows how our brain does what we tell it to do or the level of trust it keeps in you or the others we trust. So if you are talking to yourself which we all do on the daily bases one might say ” I am very depressed today” ( brain: “copy that” ), ” I am happy today” (brain: “copy that”) “I can’t do it” (brain: “copy that” ) “I am frustrated” (brain: “copy that” ) “I am useless” ( brain: “copy that” ) this is how the brain functions and this is how the brain is wired. What you choose, what you say is what you tell your brain. So always choose the right words. Be mindful of what you say, your words are powerful, no matter what you intend them to mean.

How do you believe we can make psychology more of an interactive subject?

Personally, psychology in itself is a way more interesting subject just to even read. It can be made more interactive by actually including more of visual and case study based approach or roll paying a clinical setting can be included from early on as along with the theory part of the subject. Students come to know the application part of it too. This can help to understand and remember the theory better and vice versa.

This opinion is based on experience in India. Would love to know how it could be interactive or is interactive in other countries.

How can we tackle psychological overwhelm and bottled stored emotions?

The first and foremost step for tackling psychological overwhelms and bottled emotions is to let our heart out to any individual who is easily available to us. It might be our parents, our friends, roommate or even our house help. But at the same time, we should be careful about fraudulent advice. So once we feel comfortable, seeking professional help is a must in the long run.

In your opinion, how can we aim to have a better relationship with our mental health?

First and foremost, it is very important to acknowledge the fact that the well-being of our mental health is equally important as that of physical health. This automatically solves half of our day to day problems and thus brings us closer to our mental health gradually. Some of the habits that we can develop to have a better relationship with our mental health is doing meditation, practising yoga and most importantly self-love i.e. accepting the WHOLE US (both strengths and shortcomings).

What do you feel is good advice for people who have never studied psychology but want to understand this subject for their wellbeing purposes?

Psychology as a subject is not only theoretical, but it is very much applicable in our everyday life. Every individual needs to understand the fact that psychology not only deals with the diagnosis of mental disorders but it deals with our daily affairs. It helps us to have a better understanding of ourselves first and then our surroundings which automatically helps us in achieving mental well-being.

What would be your 3 top tips to help with a physical and mental health improvement journey?

It’s very important to set realistic and easily achievable goals otherwise the very aim of the purpose is lost. According to us, the 3 top things that we would like to advice to an individual with a physical and mental health improvement journey are:

  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Exercise and meditate regularly.
  3. Maintain a properly balanced diet.  

Thank you so much to the both of you for sharing your top tips! I think it is so important to recap that you must be mindful of what you say, your words are powerful, no matter what you intend them to mean – no matter if they are positive or negative! I also love the thought of accepting the whole of us (both strengths and shortcomings) – that really resonated with me and hopefully others too!

Keep strong and be the best version of you! I know you can do it.


Becca x

Want to know more about Psyesprit?

Dandelion as a flower is a symbol of emotional healing. Since they can endure almost any living condition, they represent overcoming very hardship by standing strong and proud. This is what Psyesprit represents. We try to spread awareness about mental health and how it’s important. But at the same time, we try to make people understand that it’s OK and normal to have mental health issues and that it’s OK to ask for help. We feature one inspiring story every week on our Instagram handle about people’s life, their mental health journey or life incidences that could inspire others. 

At the same time, we write blogs on topics in psychology that are not commonly talked about in everyday life. We also try helping students make informed choices when it comes to choosing a major in psychology by writing about different fields in psychology.



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Do you want to know the key? Its positivity


Clocks going back, how can we keep on track…?

Hi everyone and happy Halloween,

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This week I want to focus on what has recently just happened with the clocks going back here in the UK. This has brought a sudden drop in temperature (wet & cold) with darker nights and mornings setting in that motion of winter being here. I have recently written a blog post about running in winter (if you haven’t seen already check it out – that might be helpful for fitness.

This this week I want to dive into our wellbeing and self-care without the sports. I don’t know about you but when the clocks went back, I started to feel tired earlier and became more unmotivated? How can we tackle this and keep on track…?

Initially, my first reaction was – I am going to crawl into bed and hibernate for winter, wake me up when summer is back. But, well, that isn’t practical, is it? So inside I have decided to take a few steps to keep my mind, body and soul feel energised and ready to tackle these “tough” winter months that are coming up.

Step 1 – Embrace the change – change is hard for a lot of people can bring a sense of unease – try to accept the seasonal change.

Step 2 – Listen to your intuition – your body, mind and soul are all connected and know exactly what is right for you. Perhaps being less inclined to scroll on social media for hours can we use our time more productive and allow ourselves to connect with our higher selves without technology distracting us or making us second guess our decisions – Can we bake, try a new recipe, read a book or draw/paint?

Step 3 – Move your body, move your mind – on darker winter months we may feel less inclined to leave the house, but getting that fresh and movement will give you that new sense of clarity, direction and focus for the tasks at hand.

Step 4 – Self-care – please do ensure that you look after yourself – treat yourself to a hot chocolate, get a face mask, scrub your body, have a hot soak in a bubble/salt bath, light a candle, do the things that make you feel relaxed.

Step 5 – Know that this isn’t forever, it is a process, a season and a moment in time – I completely understand that winter can be difficult but can we be frivolous, can we still enjoy our time in this season and have fun. Put some fun music on, dance around and be silly, invest in great cosy clothes and blankets. Try to create a space that you enjoy being in and embrace crisp nights knowing you have love and warmth around you. This might also be a great time to reflect and make that photo album you have been saying you’ll do for months! Now is the time to get everything in alignment ready for the new year and new energy.

Photo by Claire Morgan on

By taking on board all of these steps (which don’t have to be done in order by the way) you will feel energised, more motivated, more relaxed and uplifted. It takes some conscious effort, yes, but once you start making these things a habit you won’t think twice. You got this. I know you do.

I hope this helps and please do share with friends and family. We need to look after each other in these tricker times.

If you have any questions, please drop me a message or comment below 🙂


Becca x

Running in winter, you don’t need to be a quitter…

This weeks blog post will be looking at running during the winter time. During the height of the lockdown this year a lot of people have become more inclined to get out running and it has been enjoyable for most with the lovely weather we have had in the UK. As of the past couple of weeks it has started to get significantly colder – I don’t know about you but I have had to turn the heating up a lot more and getting my cosy jumpers and blankets out.

Running during the winter can seem to be so much more challenging. It is dark, cold and wet. YIKES! Last year I was training for my half marathon through these conditions and I learnt  a few things along the way which I want to share with you all to make you feel better about during these winter months that are coming up.

  1. Running shoes– get yourself a decent pair of running shoes, maybe even a spare pair to sure that you can swap between as they usually get wet and muddy from the previous day before.
  2. Running clothesmake sure you have the right clothing for the winter weather, now inevitably you are going to get hot but it is always a good idea to have some gloves, a headband/hat and a rain jacket prepared for your runs – you can always take off layers!
  3. Reflective gear Where I live is in an urban area but that still won’t stop me from wearing reflective clothing or attachable items- I have a reflective running vest that I put over my top and a flashing light in my running hat so I am visible.
  4. Running buddy I think running with someone is so much easier than running on my own personally. If you can find yourself a running partner then you can help to motivate each other and schedule times in the week to train together. If you don’t have a running buddy not to worry – there are plenty of apps to download e.g. Strava where you can virtually connect with others and keep track of your progress.
  5. Fuel Make sure you have sufficient fluids and food before and after your run – winter months can make you not want to drink as much water but I really encourage you do – especially before a longer run.
  6. Warm up and cool down your muscles are going to be even more exposed in winter months and get tighter more quickly so it is really important you do a good warm up and cool down to prevent you from injury.
  7. Enjoy it Running in the winter does not have to be as scary as you think, following these top tips and being vigilant will help you feel better about the run. Maybe try and set up mini competitions or virtual running social events for the runs to give you that extra boost.

You can do it! I know you can. You need to get the gear on and get out the door and try not to think about it in a negative way, yes the winter months are not as nice to run in for the majority of us but once you get out there you will feel so much better for it.

I hope this helps. Please comment below on what your favourite top tip is 😊 or if you have anymore!


Becca x

Got a Himalayan salt lamp, how can it make me feel like a champ?

Hi all,

This week, as per the poll request on my Instagram this blog post is going to be all about Himalayan salt lamps. Whether you already have one or if you are curious and are thinking about getting one, I am here today to tell you what they are and how they can help you in more than one way.

Himalayan salt lamps are crystals carved from amber-coloured rock salt from the Himalayas mountain range, with the bottom hollowed out to fit a lightbulb inside. When you light them, they give out a warm, reddish-pink glow.

The salt lamp radiates its light through a beautiful warm glow and is lovely to have on both in the day and at night. It is a gentle light and one that I love to wind down to when I am going to bed, rather than that harsh white bright light- is it just me or does it feel like you are looking into the sun when you are sleepy and the main lights are on?! The salt lamps can help aid in you having a better night’s sleep and can even help with some allergies. *

Apart from the aesthetics and its lovely warm glowing light it also has some healing properties. A salt lamp is said to provide health benefits because they are “natural ionizers”** – effectively it changes the electrical charge in the air and rebalances the negative ions which make you feel more energetic, increases blood flow and increases in the levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) – compared to the electronic devices giving off positive ions which can make us feel more tired.***

Salt lamps also have been known to help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and even some allergies. They can absorb a multitude of dust particles from the air which can be the main antagonist for numerous allergies.***

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

So really, what is not to love about the salt lamp? Here are my top tips if you do decide to invest in one and if you have one this also applies.

Top tips:

  1. Have a room or area where you can place your salt lamp for maximum viewing and light.
  2. Have a spare bulb – you never know when the fuse may go, and you want the beautiful light shining as often as you can.
  3. Meditate and breath near the lamp and absorb those ions.
  4. Smile – you have a great piece of healing kit in your home and it looks great – go you!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you do go and get yourself a salt lamp I’d love to know!

Drop me a comment below and please do share with your friends.

Take care and live your best life.


Becca x

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” – Aristotle