Reflection and pause, it will open up doors…

Today’s blog post is about pausing and taking the time to reflect. Do you ever feel like you are rushing around? On go go go mode all the time and never fully switch off? If this sounds like you don’t worry. I got you.

We live in a society that is instant, what we want is a click of a button away and when we don’t get it is can frustrate and annoy us. We have lost the art of patience, for example, we don’t even have to wait for our parcels to be delivered we can get next day delivery. Everything is must have now or else we don’t want it. But maybe we need to take the time to realise what we REALLY want. I’m not talking distractions, I’m talking about real goals, aspirations and achievements.

So what can we do?

1. Take time in nature to breath in deep full breaths and quieten your mind. Take out the headphones and listen to your surroundings. Become aware and then visualise how you truly want to see your life.

2. Journal or leave yourself an audio note of your experiences. Or talk to a trusted person, perhaps a friend/ family member. But share with people who want you to succeed not to bring you down.

3. Relax, I don’t know about you but I can be hard on myself always pushing until my body has had enough and I get a headache or feel poorly. We need to be kinder to ourselves and allow the mind and body to chill out sometimes to receive the messages from our higher consciousness. If we don’t stop the messages can’t get through. My tip is meditate for 5 mins a day and see what comes up for you!

It had to start somewhere and you will have off days. But making a conscious decision to help yourself goes a long way. You can do it.

Love, Becca x

Published by bestlifewithbecca

I have both a professional and personal interest in positive psychology. I have obtained a Masters in Psychology as well as certified coaching and mentoring qualifications from the Open University. I also have a passion for holisitc healing and have my level 1 Reiki healing. I am a great lover of travel, sports and finding happiness & positivity throughout all aspects of life. My goal that my blog/vlogs will help support, guide and focus you to having the BEST LIFE possible! Love and light xo

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